Unholy spirit: Hovering ‘ghost-like’ object floats above organ inside ‘haunted’ ancient cathedral

Caity Stone

Shocking footage has emerged of a ‘ghost-like’ white object hovering inside a 'haunted' ancient cathedral sending ‘ghost-hunters’ into a paranormal feeding-frenzy.

Father-of-two Paul Jackson, 46, managed to capture the strange apparition quickly ‘float’ from one side of the cathedral to the other.

Daytripper, Jackson filmed the spooky spectacle during a roof tour of the historic building.

The footage was uploaded to YouTube with the following message: “Myself and my son were in Lincoln Cathedral on 6th February 2016 on a roof tour, tonight I decided to put all the footage together and noticed this strange object”.

The 'white figure' appears to go from one side of the cathedral to the other. Source: YouTube.

“Nearly a month later I decided to put all the footage together and suddenly noticed the following unknown object!”

“It passes from right to left at the Willis Organ and then behind a red flag, and illuminates the wall,” he added.

The clip has now been viewed over 14,000 times.

One viewer of the clip commenting: "Its a crisp packet. walkers would be my guess. cheese and onion late 2015."

Another viewer also adding: “I'm really not sure, great film work & editing Paul... Very mysterious indeed... You need to spend the night there on your own, & film everything lol. Nice one mate.”

The 'figure' appears to be moving from one side of the cathedral to the other. Source: YouTube.

Paul told the Lincolnshire Echo he was not convinced it was a ghost, but said it was certainly a bit of a laugh.

He said: "I personally think the best explanation is that it's a high powered torch from the tour group below the organ."

"I'm fascinated by English and local history, particularly medieval history, and as the cathedral was built in those times I've been doing bits and pieces of filming there with my son recently," the father-of-two told the Echo.

Can you spot the unholy spirit in the clip? Source: YouTube.

The famed Cathedral has been shrouded in mystery for years with sightings of ‘ghosts’ and other apparitions being reported.

Several tour groups operate ‘ghost’ guides of the reportedly haunted Cathedral.

A healthy skepticism is always warranted as videos claiming to have captured strange apparitions have been surfacing regularly in recent times.

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