'Hoverboard' sets Melbourne house ablaze

Krystal Johnson

A popular Christmas toy is believed to have sparked a blaze which destroyed part of a northwest Melbourne home overnight.

Crews were called to the Strathmore home just after 7pm after a smoke alarm alerted the family to the blaze.

These are the melted remains of the ‘hoverboard’ in a child’ bedroom. Photo: 7 News

This is part of the childs bedroom where the 'hoverboard' was charging before it is believed to have burst into flames. Photo: 7 News

It took about 30 minutes to get the fire under control and firefighters believe it was sparked by a 'hoverboard' charging.

"There is a potential risk with these 'hoverboards' and it does concern us at this stage particularly because their kept in bedrooms and people's homes,” Phillip Smith from the MFB told 7 News.

It took 30 minutes for firefighters to control the blaze. Photo: 7 News

Luckily the family of five escaped the house fire without any injuries. Photo: 7 News

A father, his three daughters and pets managed to escape in time and were safely evacuated but the rear of the brick home has been severely damaged, fire authorities say.

The Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) is warning anyone who was given a 'hoverboard' over the Christmas period to take care and to not leave them charging alone.

It’s not the first time the toy has sparked controversy, with a number of airlines already banning them from being taken on flights.

On YouTube and around the world, there have been numerous occasions where people have fallen off injuring themselves.

On YouTube, there have been numerous videos capturing occasions where people have fallen off injuring themselves.

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