'A $50 voucher does not cut it': Housemates find a dead mouse in a bag of Coles grapes

A group of Melbourne housemates have been left shocked after being given a $50 Coles voucher after finding a dead, rotting mouse in their bag of grapes.

Ryan Souter bought the bag from the supermarket in Croydon North on September 28 before returning home and sharing the fruit with his flatmates.

But it was only until the following day when he pulled them out of the fridge that he made the sickening discovery.

“It was quite low down in the bottom of the bag. I felt ill. It is quite disgusting,” he told News Corp.

Mr Souter was shocked to find the mouse at the bottom of his bag of grapes. Source: Ryan Souter

Mr Souter claims the rotting mouse had turned several of the surrounding grapes mouldy.

His housemate Nikki McInerney returned the grapes to the supermarket the following day where she was given an $8.12 refund and a sincere apology from the store's manager.

"Once it got to head office, it was quite poor. They tried to ... end it really quickly and said there was nothing they could do,” Ms McInerney said.

The housemates say it is lucky none of them became ill from the contamination. Source: Ryan Souter

The group were handed a $50 gift card complete with a letter as an apology for the mishap.

“A $50 voucher does not cut it. We think a $50 is a bit of a slap in the face. It is so disgusting. It had decomposed in the grape vines.”

Ms McInerney told Yahoo7 News she was disappointed with their generic response from the company and would have preferred a personal touch.

"You’d think a big corporation like Coles could just get someone to take the time to pick up the phone and speak with us. That's all we wanted," she said.

Ms McInerney, a teacher, insisted it wasn't about the money and just wanted someone to take responsibility for the error.

She said it was lucky that no one fell ill from the contaminated grapes in the health and safety breach.

The supermarket investigated the affected grapes and decided to pull the remainder of the batch from shelves.

Ms McInerney says they didn't go public immediately with their discovery as they wanted to give Coles a chance to respond.

A spokeswoman for the supermarket told Yahoo7 News that their suppliers were immediately contacted after finding out about the grapes in September to ensure their strict quality processes were followed.

“Coles takes the quality of our products seriously and we work hard to ensure what we offer in our stores meets these standards,” she said.