'Never again': The household chore $107m Powerball winner refuses to do

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You'd struggle to find someone who has never dreamed of winning big on the lottery.

Buying a big house, taking unlimited holidays and, of course, handing in your resignation.

But that wasn't the case for Australia's biggest lottery winner whose Powerball fantasies became a reality in 2019.

The Sydney-based nurse scooped an eye-watering $107-million Powerball jackpot in January 2019, but despite her newfound fortune she refused to give up her day job.

“I’m still working and my husband is also still working. We both love our jobs,” she revealed this week.

She raised eyebrows in the wake of her win when she declared she'd be going into work the next day after her life-changing win.

“I don’t know why people were so shocked,” she said.

A Powerball lotto ticket with Sydney's Bondi Icebergs in the background.
The Sydney winner says she has been able to take 'priceless' holidays with her children. Source: The Lott

Powerball winner still does all chores bar one

The record-breaking winner delved into her personal life since claiming the division-one jackpot, revealing she still does the majority of the housework.

However there is one tedious chore she has outsourced.

“I’ve never been one for ironing. Now I do have someone who does the ironing for me and that’s been invaluable,” she laughed.

“I’ll clean and cook, but I’m more than happy to never pick up an iron ever again.”

A person irons a shirt.
The winner says she has given up her least favourite chore, the ironing. Source: Getty Images, file

And while she has the funds to make some lavish purchases, the mum, in her 40s, revealed its the smaller things in life that have kept her content.

“I love books and to be able to go into a bookshop and buy whatever book I want is amazing. It’s things like that that I don’t take for granted,” she said.

“Being able to buy fresh flowers is a luxury. That’s a lovely thing to do."

Hardworking mum turns philanthropist

There has been significant expenditure on a new home and on family holidays with her children, which she described as "priceless" moments, however the Sydney mum says she is committed to giving back to the community.

“Paying it forward is really important to us because if you change one person’s life, you have the potential to change the whole community," she said.

“We have already made some really important donations, and we’re always thinking a lot about what we want to support next.

“We watch the news and we read the papers, and we literally keep a notebook of causes we know we want to help on a grassroots level.

“It makes you feel incredibly privileged, and it is what we’ve always done anyway, but now we can just do so much more.”

This Thursday's Powerball jackpot is $60 million.

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