House hunter's alarming find in Google Street View photo

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A comedian who has been saving for a home, came across something startling when looking at a listing for a cheap one-bedroom flat for sale.

Darren Connell, a Scottish stand-up comedian and actor, came across the listing for a cheap Glasgow home, but thought something wasn’t quite right.

Darren Connell made a bizarre discovery when looking at a home on a quaint street in Scotland. Source: Google Maps
Darren Connell made a bizarre discovery when looking at a home on a quaint street in Scotland. Source: Google Maps

“I’ve been trying my best to save for a flat/house and found somewhere that was cheap, it made me think that something wasn’t right,” he tweeted.

The home was listed on Rightmove, and Mr Connell used the Street View feature to get a better sense for the property and shared the first image which showed up.

In the image a police officer is seen leaving a home on Foyers Terrace on Google Maps and more cops are seen walking down the street.

‘You won the internet today’: Post gets huge response online

Someone asked Mr Connell if he would buy the home anyway, as the tenants the police appeared to be speaking to wouldn’t be there, if they were in fact at the home he was looking at.

Mr Connell said he hadn’t really given it too much thought, he just thought it was funny, as did several other people.

“You won the internet today,” one person said.

“I'm still lol-ing. I reckon you should take it btw. It's a sure sign. At least you know you'd have people there to help unpack your boxes.”

Police officers shown in front of a home in Glasgow, Scotland.
Police were pictured visiting one of the residents on Foyers Terrace in Glasgow, Scotland. Source: Google Maps

“Scot Squad role reversal,” someone else said, referring to the sitcom Mr Connell starred in.

It is not made clear in Mr Connell’s tweet which home he was looking at on Rightmove, however one house that is currently for sale on that street is listed for £60,000, or $A108,033.

When you click on ‘Street View’ for that listing, it shows the image of the police officer outside the home, though it is not the house currently listed, but one a little up the street from it.

It also appears the images of Foyers Terrace for Google Street View were taken in 2014.

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