House of the Dragon’s Ryan Corr compares working in Australia vs working overseas

House of the Dragon’s Ryan Corr compares working in Australia vs working overseas

Video transcript

RYAN CORR: Really just a thing of scale, honestly. Like ultimately, you know, you're going onto sets that are, of course, much bigger and larger. And you know, there's no expense spared. But ultimately, it comes down to connecting with the actor that's opposite you, playing your cog in the much bigger picture and servicing the story. I will say that I love working in Australia because it's sort of a different way of working.

We go for three to four months. You make a series within that time, be it six to eight episodes. You shoot 16 scenes a day. Everyone's there at 5:00 in the morning and leaving at night and leaves their families and sort of makes a family, like a little traveling circus, in this example, in Brisbane. But sometimes, it's over in Spain. And you try and make something great. And everyone gives all of their energies over to it. And then you sort of part, and it meets up in other places.

In Australia, it's a very collaborative process, and you feel like you're-- you know, I've got people that I work with on "In Limbo" that I worked with when I was 13 years old, you know what I mean, that I was able to catch up with again. And there's something about that energy. There's something about all being a part of making a job. It's just a different use of your energy on the bigger jobs.

It can be literally be waiting in costume for half a week until that one hour that we can shoot your scene, and then we're out and then two months, you know. So it's a different way to use your energy. It's not being ready all the time. And it's not, all right, let's get this shot. It's stepping in and out. But you know, both equally exciting and, you know, have their own unique challenges.