House debate on government's climate laws

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"This is a moment in history. Everyone in this chamber, everyone in the Senate, has the privilege of having the opportunity to be on the right side of history. It's a privilege. It's a responsibility." - Victorian MP Peta Murphy

"By requiring the minister to make an annual statement to parliament on the progress that government is making on climate change, governments can no longer avoid scrutiny." - Victorian MP Ged Kearney

"The climate wars have to come to an end ... we will not let the chance to tackle climate change slip us by." - Victorian MP Kate Thwaites


"For all those that worry about the economic impacts (of renewables) I say: communities ravaged by floods and bushfires are not economically productive." - Independent MP Zali Steggall

"I believe these bills are an important, symbolic first step in what will be an exciting time of transformation for our country ... As a community we continue to want faster action on climate change led by facts, not politics." - Independent MP Kylea Tink

"I applaud the minister for taking a collaborative and consultative approach to the development of this bill ... It is what our communities have sent us here to do: set aside division to work together in the national interest." - Independent MP Sophie Scamps

"A 43 per cent (emissions) reduction is a political compromise when we need political courage ... What is most crucial is the policy and action underpinning the target to ensure that we exceed the target and deliver at least 50 per cent reduction by 2030." - Independent MP Allegra Spender


"The coalition has initiated a review of its climate and energy policies, emissions reduction targets and policies to achieve them ... (We) will also account for the role that new and emerging technologies could play in an Australian context." - Queensland LNP MP Ted O'Brien

"I'm very disappointed ... that this has become a political point-scoring exercise, instead of a genuine opportunity for the government to be focused on implementing the policies they took to the last election, to achieve the targets they laid out." - SA Liberal MP James Stevens

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