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Hotel staff stunned after 'sinister' discovery in expensive hotel

The woman who stumbled upon the 'creepy' room said it was in stark contrast to the hotel's public areas.

Scottish hotel staff reportedly had 'nae idea' about a room covered in razor blades inside their place of work, with one guest stumbling upon the "sinister" space during her stay.

Ashley Davies, a self-proclaimed "nosy" woman, was exploring the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow's "derelict upper floor" when she found the empty room lined with razor blades embedded into the walls on Monday.

Ashley Davies smiling at the camera wearing a vibrant pink scarf, while on the right the razors can be seen lining the wall of the room at Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow.
Ashley Davies was exploring an abandoned area of the expensive Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow when she happened upon a "very dark" room full of razors. Source: LinkedIn and Twitter / Ashley Davies

The inquisitive arts reporter admitted even she was unprepared for her discovery inside the ritzy hotel, capturing footage on her phone for Twitter.

"I’ve been exploring the derelict upper floor of the fancy Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow and came across the 'razor room'," she wrote online, before adding, "The staff don’t know who did this, or how long it’s been like this."

The video has had 1.6 millions views, with many branding the room as "bonkers" and "terrifying", while another shared there have long been rumours the Victorian-era building is haunted.

Ashley continued by explaining the room was in complete darkness and she required assistance by one of the hotel worker's to get a proper look at the room's "peculiar" feature.

"The concierge had to use his phone light to show me because it’s very dark," she wrote.

On the left, a luxurious seating area can be seen with books artistically stuck on the wall, while on the right an impressive, bejewelled light drapes down the middle of the hotel's spiral staircase.
The creepy room hidden away is in stark contrast compared to the "public areas" of the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow. Source: Twitter / Ashley Davies

Where did the razors come from?

After sharing her discovery online, it was revealed the room was involved in an art installation ran by NVA, a Glasgow charity that created public art in the city for almost three decades before closing in 2018.

It is believed the "razor room" was included in one of the charity's projects in 1999 and has remained present ever since.

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