Horror movie scenes as blood floods man's basement

A man has made a frightening discovery in his basement, a scene that replicated something you would only expect to see in a horror movie.

Nick Lestina found five inches of blood, fat and other animal tissue flooding the floor of the basement of his home in the US state of Iowa.

He told the Des Moines Register that despite making the discovery two weeks ago, he hasn’t been able to clean it up because it’s still seeping in.

The waste is coming from a neighbouring meat locker, where blood and tissue from slaughtered animals was washed down a drain.

“No one wants to see that, smell that,” Mr Lestina told WHO-TV.

“I wouldn’t want that for anybody in their house.”

Officials say a clog or break in the pipe sent the waste into Lestina’s basement through a floor drain.

Nick Lestina said he wouldn't wish his basement discovery on anyone. Source: WHO-TV

A state environmental specialist traced the waste to Dahl’s Custom Meat Locker and says the company is now pumping it into a large tank.

However Mr Lestina told WHO-TV that the company had not reached out to him.

“They haven’t taken any accountability for it,” he said.

“They say it’s not their fault and told me ‘good luck’.

“If I want to do anything about it, it’s on my dime and my schedule.”

Mr Lestina and his family have since had to move elsewhere as the Iowa Department of Health investigates the incident.

– With AP

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