Chilling detail after rottweiler mauling

Perth Rottweiler attack
The incident will continue to be investigated by the City of Cockburn. Picture: Facebook

Disturbing details have emerged about the how a young woman was savagely mauled by her two pet rottweilers.

Nikita Piil, 31, was attacked by her pets, Bronx and Harlem, at her Perth home on Pitta Corner in Success at about 4.35pm on Saturday afternoon.

Her painful screams echoed through the street, alerting those nearby to the nightmare that was unfolding.

Despite neighbours attempting to stop the brutal attack, the dogs continued to maul the woman until police intervened.

Piil, who appears to be an avid rottweiler lover, suffered major blood loss and serious bite wounds to her arms and legs during the attack.

She as taken to hospital in a serious condition, where she remained on Monday.

Perth Rottweiler attack
31-year-old Perth woman Nikita Piil has been hospitalised in a serious condition. Picture: Facebook

Ms Piil’s Facebook page is filled with photos of her pet dogs plastered on her Facebook page.

One photo from 2019 showed Ms Piil cuddling a rottweiler, however it can’t be confirmed whether it was the same dog involved in the attack.

Outside Ms Piil’s front door there was a sign which read: “Beware of the rottweiler”.

While rottweilers aren’t considered restricted breeds in Australia, they can be prone to aggression. Male dogs can also weigh up to 50-60kg.

How the nightmare unfolded

Neighbour Bryn Spencer said he and another neighbour heard Ms Piil’s screams for about 10 minutes before they intervened.

He said they attempted to stop the attack but couldn’t access her property without endangering themselves.

Perth Rottweiler attack
Ms Piil was an avid fan of rottweilers. Picture: Facebook

“I was contemplating jumping the fence and getting in there to rescue her but obviously there were two rottweilers in there … I would have been ripped apart,” he told the ABC.

“All I could really do was watch this girl get mauled apart while I was smacking the fence with a bat … while (another neighbour) was hosing the dog.”

Speaking to 7News, Mr Spencer said he pleaded with police to shoot the dog.

The home of Nikita Piil
Ms Piil had a plaque which read: ‘Beware the rottweiler’ on her front door. Picture: 9News
Perth Rottweiler attack
A photo of her two pet dogs from 2020. Picture: Facebook

“I said you need to get your gun out and shoot this dog, it’s going to kill her,” he said.

While he wasn’t able to stop the attack, he conceded that the did “everything I possibly could”.

“The other rottweiler was jumping up the fence at me,” he said.

“I kept screaming at it and smacking the fence.”

Officers attempted to taser the dogs, before they were forced to shoot, leaving one of the animals in a significant condition.

The dogs were later seized by the City of Cockburn, with the injured dog euthanised due to his injuries.

Ms Piil remains at the Royal Perth Hospital in a serious condition and has suffered serious injuries to her arms and leg.

According to the West Australian, she requires surgery to save one of her arms.

The incident will continue to be investigated by the City of Cockburn.