Horrifying video shows man 'hacking at wife with meat cleaver' in street

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WARNING – GRAPHIC CONTENT: Horrifying video has emerged of the moment a man launches a gruesome stabbing attack on his wife in the middle of a busy street – prompting brave bystanders to intervene.

Armed with a meat cleaver, the 46-year-old man can be seen hacking at the woman’s legs as she cowers behind a car in the gutter on Beach Road in Singapore.

The shocking scenes were witnessed by members of the public – who appear to be workers from nearby cafes and restaurants – who bravely throw objects at the man to get him away from the woman.

a man stabs a woman behind a parked car as a member of the public throws a rubbish bin at his back.
The man is accused of hacking at his wife with a meat cleaver in the middle of street in Singapore. A restaurant worker distracts him by throwing a bin at him. Source: Instagram

One worker runs behind the suspect and throws a rubbish bin at his back, causing the man to stop stabbing the woman and stand up.

As he does, more items get hurled towards him, including two chairs, a bucket and what appears to be a menu stand.

Other men brandish ladders as makeshift weapons as the assailant turns and runs down the street.

But the wild scenes aren’t over.

As the woman sits upright in the gutter with blood covering her face and arms, the man soon returns, cleaver still in hand.

The Good Samaritans back away and keep their distance and the woman can be seen hobbling into the cafe to take cover.

“He’s still holding a knife!” a woman behind the camera exclaims.

The man runs towards a member of the public – who uses a menu stand to keep away from him – before disappearing down a side street.

Witness saw man break knife – and pull out a second one

The owner of a nearby restaurant, Leonard Shi, told The Straits Times he was smoking in a back alley when he heard the commotion.

"I thought there was a fight, but then I saw the man slashing at the woman's throat and her face was already bleeding,” Mr Shi said.

A woman sits in the gutter with blood over her face and arms.
The 41-year-old woman was conscious when she was taken to hospital. Source: Instagram

He said while hacking at the woman, the cleaver broke but he continued the assault with just the blade.

The man then got up and went to a bag where he pull out a second cleaver and resumed the attack, Mr Shi said.

"My manager and I threw a road sign him. I shouted that I had called the police, but there was no response from him," he said.

"I shouted at him to put his knife down and he came at me with the chopper. I backed away slowly.

“If I had not helped her, she would have died."

Man arrested over attempted murder of wife

Singapore Police Force released a statement late on Thursday night confirming a 46-year-old man had been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder of the 41-year-old woman.

“Police officers arrived at the scene, located the armed man in the vicinity and deployed Taser to subdue him,” the statement read.

A suspect stands behind a car as members of the public brandish ladders and chairs as weapons to keep him away
Police commended the workers for intervening and keeping the man away from the woman. Source: Instagram

“Prior to the officers’ arrival, the man was believed to have slit his own wrists with a chopper. The man was subsequently arrested, and he was conveyed conscious to the hospital.”

The man will be charged with attempted murder under Section 307 of the Penal Code in court on Saturday.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Jeremy Ang, Commander of Central Police Division, commended the bravery of the bystanders who “prevented the man from causing further harm to the woman”.

The woman was conscious when she was transported to hospital, but her current condition is unknown.

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