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'Holy crap': Horrifying moment Sydney pedestrian gets hit by car

A man has been filmed being hit by a car while trying to cross a busy road on Sydney’s Lower North Shore.

Video uploaded to Facebook by Dash Cam Owners Australia shows the man attempting to cross on the Pacific Highway at Chatswood on Saturday at about 3.30pm.

But as he runs across the pedestrian crossing a white car smacks into him sending the man flying into the air.

He lands on the road in the middle of the intersection and slowly gets back up to his feet.

A concerned bystander runs to check on him.

A man is pictured being hit by a car in Chatswood.
A man in Chatswood is sent flying after being hit by a car. Source: Facebook/ Dash Cam Owners Australia

A NSW Police spokesman told Yahoo News Australia the man, 48, was treated for minor injuries at the scene.

North Shore Police Area Command are investigating the incident and still trying to find the driver.

It’s not clear if the traffic lights signal had changed indicating the man could cross, but one angle indicates the light for vehicles had turned red.

People horrified by crash footage

On Facebook, people were horrified by the confronting footage.

“Holy crap,” one woman wrote.

Many people were also angry that the person in the white car appeared not to stop and help the pedestrian.

“Whatever happened to courtesy? Sure, the man should have taken more care when crossing, but at least check that he is not injured,” one woman wrote.

Another woman added “where is the common decency?”

“Cannot believe how many cars just drove off and didn’t help,” one man wrote.

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