'Buy a lotto ticket': Horrifying moment car hit by ping pong table at 100km/h

A driver has shown others why they should always secure their load to their car properly after being hit by a flying ping pong table while driving at 100km/h.

Video obtained by Dash Cam Owners Australia shows the driver travelling along a rural motorway on December 5.

But as traffic comes from the opposite direction, a ping pong table, wrapped in a cardboard box, falls off a ute and smashes into the driver’s windshield.

A ping pong table comes off a car and hits another one travelling in the opposite direction.
The ping pong table comes flying at a car travelling at 100km/h. Source: Facebook/ Dash Cam Owners Australia

Footage shows the driver pull over at a nearby exit but it’s not clear what happened next.

Facebook viewers were shocked by the incident, with one woman calling it her “worst nightmare”.

“A motorcyclist would be dead,” one man wrote.

One man said people who don’t secure loads properly is one of his “pet hates”.

“Fortunately never been hit but have driven over the top of things that have just come off the back of some vehicle,” he wrote.

Another man suggested the driver “go out and buy a lotto ticket”, while another praised him for showing “good nerves” and not panicking after the windscreen shattered.

“No big yank on the steering wheel,” he wrote.

In Victoria, if a driver has a “severe risk breach”, that is an unsecured load causes harm to someone else or property or the environment, they can be slapped with a fine of up to $16,000.

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