Horrifying footage shows teenage girl electrocuted on street

WARNING – DISTRESSING CONTENT: Harrowing footage has revealed the moments after a teenage girl suffered a serious electric shock while walking past the light rail construction zone in Sydney’s CBD.

Anna Lambden, 15, was walking along George Street at Haymarket in just her wet socks on Sunday after taking off her boots which had become uncomfortable.

As she headed down the street,  she suddenly suffered a giant electric shock, believed to be caused by a loose wire from the construction zone.

Distressing video shows Anna sitting on the pavement as bystanders rush to her aid as she shouts: “Help! Call an ambulance”.

Anna can be heard screaming for help after she was electrocuted in Sydney’s CBD. Source: 7News

The girl’s deafening screams can be heard as she sits hunched over.

“She was just screaming like something really bad happened to her,” one witness said.

The Government has promised a full independent investigation as Transport Minister Andrew Constance vowed to find out what happened.

Anna was later discharged from hospital but medics say the incident could have proven fatal. Source: 7News

“We’re angry about this. We need to find out what’s gone on,” he said.

The girl’s mother says it should never have happened and found it difficult to contain her anger.

“For all the crazy things kids do, I’m wild with rage that something as innocent as taking off boots to walk in socks could have killed her,” she said.

The cause is believed to be loose wires on the construction site but it is unknown which contractor is responsible. Source: 7News
The incident is the latest setback for the troubled project. Source:7News

After being rushed to hospital before doctors carefully monitored her heart, Anna was released a few hours later.

While Anna thankfully walked away without any long-lasting damage, others may not be as fortunate.

“Potentially with a an electric shock you usually have an entry point and an exit point, so the actual charge travels through your body,” NSW Ambulance’s Gyles Buchanan said.

It is believed an exposed wire may have have caused the electric shock but it’s not clear which contractor is responsible.

The Government says until an initial investigation is complete, work on the site won’t resume.

The setback for the project comes after continued scrutiny over the light rail construction due to lengthy delays and rising costs.