Dashcam video shows child clinging to bonnet of moving car

Shocking dashcam footage shows a child hanging on to the bonnet of a moving car while it travels along a road in a park.

The footage was captured about 6pm on Saturday night and the witness, who didn’t want to be identified by Nine News, said he believed the child to be a girl aged between 10 and 13.

Disturbing dashcam footage shows a child hanging on to the outside of a SUV driving along a road in a popular park in Melbourne. Source: Nine News.

The footage was captured on the witness’ dashcam at the Yan Yean Reservoir Park in Melbourne and shows a silver SUV driving down a road with something clearly on its dashboard.

As the car drives past the witness’ vehicle, laughter and something inaudible can be heard.

There has been no formal report made to the police. Source: Nine News.

The witness told Nine News there were about eight other children in the SUV. The car reportedly drove to the toilet at the other end of the park and the driver was a woman, according to the witness.

The incident has not formally been reported to Victoria Police.

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