Hopes raised, Norway landslide hunt boost

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A dog found alive after a large landslide hit a Norwegian community last week has fuelled hopes of finding human survivors, police say.

The dog was found on Monday evening in an air pocket in a ruined house.

"It gives us hope of finding more survivors," Roy Alkvist, head of the police operation, told reporters.

Three people remain missing after the landslide, which has so far claimed seven lives.

All seven victims, including a two-year-old girl and her father, have been identified.

The landslide hit early on December 30 in the community of Ask, about 40 kilometres northeast of the capital Oslo.

It left 10 people injured and destroyed nine houses.

About 1,000 people were evacuated to safety.

Tuesday's search will focus on an area around a large building, Alkvist said, and would include sniffer dogs.

Wintry weather, unstable ground conditions and huge amounts of debris remain a challenge.

Drones equipped with heat-seeking cameras have been deployed during the search, while military experts and geologists have also helped the operation.