Homeowner's 'unnerving' find under new house: 'Serial killer's lair'

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A homeowner has made a creepy discovery in an open space underneath his porch, likening it to a “serial killer’s lair”.

The man, from the US state of Alabama, shared photos of his alarming discovery on Facebook, saying he’d only moved into the house last year.

Deciding to explore the crawl space, he soon discovered a strange set-up underneath his new abode.

“Hidden in a dark corner was a hole in the cinder block wall that led to this area under our porch!” he wrote.

A camera seen in the underground space.
The is a innocuous explanation for the camera seen hanging, the home owner believes. Source: Facebook

Photos of the space show a small bricked-in room with a low hanging light and several cords running to a power point.

Hanging from a piece of timber near the centre of the room is a camera - which the homeowner claimed was still turned on.

Comments quickly flooded the post, with many freaked out by the working camera.

“I’d be tearing my house apart (bathroom fans, bedroom vents etc) for other miscellaneous WiFi cams,” one woman wrote. “I may be a tad paranoid but I wouldn’t rest until I looked.”

“Nothing good ever came from a crawl space,” another said.

“Even creepier, someone may have watched you find their secret space via that camera,” one person said. “They know you know, now.”

Another wrote that the room “looks like something straight out of a Jefferey Epstein documentary”.

A light and camera in crawl space.
Many in the popular Facebook group were uneasy about the set-up. Source: Facebook

Reason for bizarre set-up underneath house

But the homeowner believes the reason for the camera wasn’t quite as sinister as it appeared to be.

“I know it had to be used to monitor the sump pump but it was still unnerving finding this under our house,” he said.

“Definitely looks like a serial killer’s lair.”

A sump pump is used to drain water out of a sump pit, which is a commonly found in the basements of homes.

Several commenters actually agreed using a camera was a great way to monitor things underneath the house.

“I actually love the camera idea. It’s way better than straining to hear it running while it’s pouring down rain,” one wrote.

“I've a friend who set up wifi cameras to catch movement of rodents ... not so nefarious ...” another said

“My dad had a wifi camera trained on the thermometer on his wood stove down in the basement so he wouldn't have to keep going downstairs to check it,” a woman added.

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