Homeowner's savage response to Australia Post after receiving letter for old tenant

A man has criticised Australia Post claiming he’s spent the better part of five years returning mail sent to an old tenant to the post office.

The man posted on Reddit a photo of an envelope addressed to a man named Greg Lowes from the health department.

It’s not known what’s inside the envelope, but the recipient claims he’s been receiving Mr Lowes’ mail for about half a decade and keeps having to send it back to Australia Post.

“Greg no longer lives here,” he wrote on the envelope.

“In fact, Greg hasn’t lived here for nearly five years. However, you persist in sending me his mail despite my diligence in returning it to you unopened since 2015.”

So, it seems Greg probably doesn't live at this address anymore. Source: Reddit

The man added Mr Lowes hasn’t left a forwarding address to him and he hasn’t seen him pop by to collect mail.

It’s not known what became of Mr Lowes, but the man joked he could be “a con artist on the run” or an “intergalactic bounty hunter”.

“Whatever the reason, please stop sending me his mail,” the man wrote.

On Reddit, the envelope and note had people in stitches.

“Hmmm, looks exactly like something Greg would write,” one user wrote.

Another person called it “awesome”.

“As someone who received a landlord’s post for a year despite all my efforts to send it back. I totally understand the frustration,” they wrote.

If you ever receive mail which isn’t addressed to you, Australia Post recommends either marking it as “return to sender - unknown at this address” or to place the item in a red street posting box or hand it to staff at any post office for return.

However, Australia Post says if you are receiving mail addressed to a previous tenant of the property, it has to continue to deliver it to that address until the previous tenant gives them a different one.

It’s possible in this circumstance Mr Lowes hasn’t told a number of outlets, including the government department, of his new address.

Australia Post has been contacted for comment.

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