Homeowner's incredible discovery in newly-built house

A huge wasp nest has been found in a newly-built home after it was left unoccupied for a year.

Owner Zhang Juwei, from China’s central province of Henan, came across the 1.8-metre nest when he decided to finally furnish the empty home on March 10.

Footage supplied to AsiaWire shows the giant nest dangling from Mr Zhang’s ceiling, having been built along the concrete and then expanded downwards into the room.

Mr Zhang called local authorities for assistance, with video showing a uniformed officer sawing the wasp nest from the ceiling.

The natural structure, which looks something like a giant art piece, was not occupied by many wasps at the time.

The wasp nest found in the empty home was almost two metres long. Source: AsiaWire/Australscope

Typically wasp colonies die off during the winter months as most of the insects die from starvation, leaving only fertilised queens who survive over winter by hibernating.

“I built the new home, but no one was occupying it at the time, so no one noticed for a year,” Mr Zhang told AsiaWire.

“I never paid much attention to the property either until I wanted to furnish it recently.

“There weren’t many wasps there because they were hibernating.

Homeowner Zhang Juwei plans to keep the wasp nest. Source: AsiaWire/Australscope

“It gave everyone a big scare.”

Mr Zhang will be allowed to keep the nest, but he did not say what he planned to do with it.

Wasp nests are made of a paper-like substance obtained after the insects mix chewed wood pulp with their saliva.


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