Homeowner surprised by ‘precious’ garden visitors after inspecting their squash: ‘Absolutely the cutest thing that I have ever seen’

One gardener made a startling discovery in their yard. Under one of their squash plants, they found a small nest containing four baby bunnies.

They posted about the encounter in r/gardening, where members normally discuss gardening techniques, ask for advice, or show off their plots. While many Redditors have written in to this community looking for ways to keep rabbits out of their gardens, neither they nor the original poster could resist the overpowering cuteness when encountering baby bunnies face-to-adorable-tiny-face.

Summer squash surprise
Photo Credit: u/KtBobz / Reddit
Summer squash surprise
Photo Credit: u/KtBobz / Reddit

The original post was titled “Summer squash surprise.” There was no text — just two photos showing a small pile of sleeping brown bunnies in the straw mulch beneath a ripening yellow squash.

“There’s actually four in there; the bottom one is just covered up by the top three,” the Redditor explained in a comment. “I’m assuming mama is new to this or something,” they added with a laugh.

On seeing this unusual set of photos, the users were quick to join in the fun. “Where did you get baby bunny seeds?!” demanded one commenter, prompting the original poster to respond with laughing emojis.

Other users were just overwhelmed by cuteness. “This is like a dream come true,” said one user, adding a heart-eyes emoji.

“This is absolutely the cutest thing that I have ever seen,” another said.

While a third added, “Omg this is adorable.”

The surprise bunnies clearly brightened this gardener’s day, but you don’t actually need baby animals to get the warm fuzzies from gardening. Research has shown that gardening decreases stress and increases optimism, not to mention that gardeners get much more exercise and dietary fiber.

Plus, growing a garden is good for the planet. As Green Matters explained, growing plants cleans the air and soil, enriches the soil to make it easier for more plants to grow, prevents erosion, keeps compostable scraps out of landfills, supports pollinators, and even slows down the Earth’s rising temperature.

So hop to it!

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