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Homeowner captures driver’s disturbing act: 'That's messed up'

Many were shocked at the damage caused to the homeowner's property.

An Aussie homeowner has captured the shocking moment a car drove up his driveway and crashed into his property.

The brazen act happened in the residential suburb of North Lakes in Queensland on Sunday at about 2.30pm.

CCTV footage shows the driver in the silver Hyundai passing by before suddenly applying the brakes and coming to a halt. They then slowly reverse back and after pausing for a moment, they turn into the homeowner's driveway and launch straight into one of the columns right next to the front door.

A photo of a person driving a silver Hyundai crashing into one of the columns of a home in North Lakes, Queensland. A closer photo of the damage sustained to the column.
A homeowner’s CCTV footage has captured a person in a Hyundai crashing into the front of their house in North Lakes, Queensland. Source: Facebook/North Lakes Community

The impact causes the bottom of the column to crumble, creating significant damage to the property. The driver then swiftly backs out and drives off in the opposite direction they were originally coming from.

The homeowner, who lives in South Australia and rents the home to tenants, shared the bizarre CCTV footage online.

"This fool drove into my house and drove away not knowing he was captured on camera," they said on the North Lakes Community Facebook group. "Police notified."

Social media users react to Queensland video

Many were shocked by the driver's act, with the incident prompting locals to suggest they'll be installing cameras at the front of their homes.

"Damn! They don’t even hesitate.. Just drive off! Who does that!" one person commented.

"Omg!! I cant even believe what I just watched. Thats some damage to the house! Has to be someone the tenants or previous tenants know," another speculated.

"Holy crap! That’s messed up," a third person said.

There was much speculation of whether the person's act was "deliberate" or if they simply "shouldn't have a licence," however the homeowner made clear in the comments that they "don’t even know this person".

Some were also in disbelief at the minimal damage caused to the car. "How did that car not dint?" one person said.

Yahoo News Australia reached out to Queensland Police who could not find a report about the incident.

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