Homeless hero tackles suspect after women assaulted

A homeless man has been hailed a hero after tackling a man to the ground following an unprovoked attack on Mother’s Day.

CCTV footage shows a man walking towards two elderly women in Brooklyn, New York on Sunday before striking them in the head without warning, and knocking them to the ground before moving on.

Moments later the homeless Good Samaritan appears and chases down the culprit. He grapples with the suspect before wrestling him to the ground in front of stunned bystanders.

A man can be seen striking two elderly women as they walked down a Brooklyn street on Mother’s Day. Source: ABC7
The homeless man, in red, can be seen charging down the street after the attacker. Source: ABC7

He manages to restrain the man before police arrive on the scene.

Amazed witnesses rushed to thank the man for his selfless actions, who revealed he was living on the streets.

“Thank God he was there,” eyewitness Karla Johnson told US television network ABC.

The suspect is wrestled to the ground in front of stunned passers-by. Source: ABC7

The two victims, both in their 70s, were taken to Brookdale Hospital with minor injuries.

The homeless man’s identity was not revealed.

The 45-year-old suspect has been charged with two counts of assault.