'Home-wrecking w****': Natalie Joyce on the moment she confronted Barnaby's lover

Natalie Joyce has hit back at her estranged husband and his media-adviser-turned-mistress, Vikki Campion, a woman that she claims set out to steal her life.  

In the wake of Barnaby Joyce’s tell-all interview, the former second lady has opened up on the moment she confronted Ms Campion and the former Nationals leader outside his local electorate office in Tamworth.

It was March last year when Ms Joyce knew she could no longer hold her silence about her husband’s infidelity. Grabbing her keys, the 48-year-old drove the 30 minutes into town to confront the woman who she describes as “frighteningly ambitious”.

“She and Barney were smoking outside. He bolted when he saw me,” Ms Joyce recalled to Australian Women’s Weekly.

Natalie Joyce said the photos of her smiling alongside ‘Barney’ at the Mid Winter Ball couldn’t have been further from the truth. Source: AAP
She said she did everything she could not to throw a brick through the TV watching watching her estranged husband talk about his new relationship and baby with Vikki Campion. Source: Sunday Night on 7

“I turned to her and said, ‘my husband is out of bounds, off-limits, he’s a married man with four children,’ and then I called her a home wrecking w****.”

Acknowledging that it wasn’t one of her finer moments, Ms Joyce said she was still proud she stood up to her.

After several last-ditch efforts to save her marriage of 24 years to the former Deputy Prime Minister, including an official trip to the UK, Belgium and Italy, failed, she said she knew it was over, watching on as he boarded a plane for Canberra.

The normally reserved mother-of-four had done her utmost to shun the media storm that had engulfed Barnaby’s political career and personal life, but after watching the woman who “stole” her life open up on national TV, Ms Joyce knew she had to set the record straight.

The Joyce family pictured outside Parliament House in 2005. Source: AAP
Natalie Joyce (right) said Vikki Campion had set out to steal her life. Source: AAP

She and her four daughters, Bridgette, 21, Julia, 20, Caroline, 18 and Odette, 15, all sat down together to watch their husband and father speak openly alongside Ms Campion about their new child Sebastian – a name that Ms Joyce says they had always wanted to give to a son. 

“It felt like another malicious taunt in a very long line of appalling behaviour,” she said, adding that the girls are yet to meet their half-brother.

While Ms Joyce wasn’t surprised that they had sold their story for $150,000, she said they did everything they could not to throw a brick through the TV.

The Tamworth resident confirmed the rumours she had been approached by the Australia First National Party and members of the community asking her to consider running against Barnaby.

She said despite their differences, he is a “fine politician” and she would be an idiot to run against him, adding that she has instead returned to full time teaching.