'A home run hire': Analyst on new Twitter CEO

STORY: Wedbush Securities Managing Director Daniel Ives said, "I think this should be a homerun hire, given her NBCU background and digital media. They need an advertising executive. I think this is the right move at the right time."

Ives said he believes Yaccarino will be more aggressive on advertising and trying to monetize the platform, noting that Twitter lost many advertisers after Musk took over. "Ultimately, it's been a very shaky six months to get advertisers back on to the platform. That's going to be front and center," Ives said.

He also said Tesla investors would be "popping champagne" that Musk is giving up his CEO role at Twitter. "It's been an overhang on the stock, and I think it really comes at the right time. He needs to concentrate more and more on Tesla as well as SpaceX. And I think it's an overhang. And now he gets to move the story."