Home and Away fans question missing detail: 'Not realistic'

Viewers have pointed out a strange detail.

Home and Away fans have called out the popular Channel Seven show for being “unrealistic” after they noticed a bizarre detail.

Taking to social media, a number of viewers questioned whether Justin (James Stewart) still owns his garage as it hasn’t been shown or mentioned since mechanic Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) left Summer Bay in March.

Ziggy, Dean and Justin in the garage on Home and Away.
Home and Away fans have questioned whether Justin still owns the garage. Photo: Channel Seven

“Has Justin sold the garage?” one person asked in the Home and Away Spoilers & Info Facebook group. “Ever since Ziggy left he hasn’t been in or got anyone else to run it from him. It hasn’t been mentioned at all.”

Fans quickly took to the comments to share that they had also noticed the garage was ‘missing’ and questioned whether the writers had forgotten about it.

“Seriously it’s not realistic,” one person wrote, while another added, “The writers aren’t consistent with anything at all”.

“There’s been no cars breaking down, and no one to fix them if they did,” a third remarked. “And there’s no school or teenagers in the bay anymore.”


“Does anyone work in the show?” someone else asked, while one fan joked, “It’s Summer Bay, they are all beach bums”.

“No one works in Summer Bay - but can somehow afford to buy breakfast at the diner, lunch at Salt & back to the diner for dinner,” a different user remarked.

Home And Away land people can just [take] all the time off in the world, wish it worked like that here,” another replied.

Justin on Home and Away.
Fans also asked what happened to Justin’s community service. Photo: Channel Seven

Justin's community service

Others also compared the plot hole to the fact that Justin has rarely been shown completing the 500 hours of community service he was recently sentenced to.

“What’s happened to Justin’s community service or anger management course?” one fan commented.

“I was thinking the same thing,” another agreed, followed by someone else who replied, “I said the exact same thing last night. And his anger therapy hasn’t helped”.

“Maybe he did it all in one go? Long day…” another joked.

“It’s a bit like Buddy the dog, we haven't seen him for years and now they bring in a dog lead and no dog,” one viewer pointed out about Justin’s missing pet.

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