Home Alone star reveals he left Trump with huge bar bill after Home Alone shoot

Home Alone actor Daniel Stern has said he and members of the crew racked up a 7,000 dollar (£5,480) bar bill for Donald Trump after filming a cameo with the former US president.

Stern is best known for his role as hapless criminal Marv in Home Alone and sequel Home Alone 2: Lost In New York.

The second film was shot at the Plaza Hotel in New York, which was owned by Trump at the time, and the mogul has a brief cameo in one scene.

Discussing his night with The Apprentice star, he told ITV’s Good Morning Britain: “I had met him that day on the shoot and that night, me and the stunt guys and some crew guys were at the hotel bar and Mr Trump walked through.

“He pointed and was very appreciative and said ‘drinks are on me’ and so we bought drinks for the entire bar, for the entire night. We hit him pretty good on the bill.

“Liam, my stunt guy, we figured it was about 7,000 bucks which is a drop in the bucket to the man and he felt good about it, we felt good about it so that was a win win.”

Stern has since appeared in shows such as Manhattan and For All Mankind but is still best known for his role as one half of the Wet Bandits, alongside Joe Pesci, in the classic Christmas comedies.

Despite the fact the films are festive staples, Stern, who has written an autobiography called Home And Alone, said he has only ever seen the film once.

He said: “It was funny because when I wrote the book, and I was writing about the tarantula scene, I wrote out how I remembered it, what happened and what was funny and then my daughter read the book for me and said ‘that’s not what happens in the movie’ and I went ‘oh’ and I had to go back and watch the scene again to see how it actually went.

“Since the movie came out, I go through my life with people saying ‘we love you, we watch you, you’re a big part of my holiday’ and it’s so overwhelming sometimes. I don’t know why it’s happened but it’s a blessing of a lifetime.”

Recalling working with star Macaulay Culkin, who played central character Kevin McCallister, Stern said he was more like an adult than a child.

He said: “He was a professional actor. That’s what you give up a lot of times when you’re working as a kid and living in New York.

“I love him, I loved him then – he was the same age as one of my kids and I was very protective of him. We all went to the park to play… but he was under the microscope. A kid actor is a dangerous situation.”