Holy cow! Giant steer standing at almost two metres towers over herd

A giant steer is turning heads and standing out from the herd at almost two metres tall and weighing in at 1.4 tonnes.

The seven-year-old Holstein Friesian, named Knickers, towers over his companions at 194 centimetres tall – the largest in his category in Australia.

Owner Geoff Pearson, from Lake Preston in Western Australia’s south-west, said Knickers’ size is what saved him from the abattoir.

“It was too heavy. I wouldn’t be able to put it through a processing facility,” Mr Pearson told Perth Now.

“So I think it will just live happily ever after.”

Knickers, the black and white steer, stands out from the herd. Source: 7News

Mr Pearson purchased the steer for $400, according to Perth Now.

However, he faces competition for the title of biggest steer in the yard.

The world’s tallest living steer is an Italian ox called Bellino, who stands at 2.03 metres, according to the Guinness World Records.

The Chianina ox was last measured on the set of an Italian television show on March 27, 2010.

Knickers (pictured far left) is a seven-year-old Holstein Friesian. Source: 7News