Hollywood's vile secrets hidden in plain sight

Shocking revelations of Harvey Weinstein's inappropriate behaviour have made headlines right across the world.

But it appears some in Hollywood knew about his brazen sexual advances and broadcasted several nods to his behaviour onscreen.

Clips from long-running comedy 30 Rock have resurfaced that made reference to Weinstein’s alleged predatory behaviour, revealing truths that many of Hollywood's A-listers had kept quiet about for many years.

A scene from the show’s sixth season shows Jane Krakowski’s character, Jenna Maroney, mention several close encounters with Weinstein.

“I’m not afraid of anyone in show business,” she says in the clip.

“I turned down intercourse with Harvey Weinstein on no less than three occasions… out of five.”

A season later, the same character paid further reference to a sexual experience with the film producer.

“Look, I get it. I know how former lovers can have a hold of you long after they're gone. In some ways, I'm still pinned under a passed-out Harvey Weinstein and it's Thanksgiving,” she says.

Tina Fey was credited as the writer for that particular episode, who was also believed to be responsible for dropping references into the show about Bill Cosby's sexual abuse allegations long before he was outed.

Tina Fey (left) wrote an episode of 30 Rock where actress Jane Krakowski (right) made references to Weinstein's sexual advances. Source: Getty

Popular show Entourage appeared to go one step further when creating a character named Harvey Weingard with grotesque characteristics that now seem fitting to have been based on Weinstein.

And on the biggest Hollywood stage of all, Seth MacFarlane took to the microphone at the 2013 Oscars and took a dig at Weinstein when presenting the nominees for Best Supporting Actress.

“Congratulations, you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein," he said.

He has since confirmed his joke had been "calculated" after actress Jessica Barth had confided in him over sexual advances from Weinstein.

Harvey Weinstein has faced several allegations of sexual abuse

The revelations of Weinstein come as long-time Hollywood agent Alan Somers claims his behaviour is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Somers claims several powerful figures are known for behaving inappropriately, but no one dares shed light on the situation because they are connected to the Academy and throw exclusive parties, News Corp reported.

The agent, who has represented Drew Barrymore and Courtney Cox, says he regularly hears accounts about inappropriate sexual relationships.

“It’s just part of this business. With a sick industry like Hollywood, it’s bad. There’s some real sick people in this business," he said.

The agent says the culture of sexual exploitation by people in power isn't limited to Hollywood but further afield including American politics.

“We have a president who’s Teflon. He bought beauty pageants so he could be close to beautiful young women," he said.