Hollyoaks star Nadine Mulkerrin hints at dark story for Cleo

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks star Nadine Mulkerrin has hinted at a dark storyline for Cleo McQueen following her return to the village.

The star made a surprise return to the soap last week after an 18-month absence, with Cleo getting caught up in a major traffic accident involving four vehicles as she made her way back to Hollyoaks.

This won't be the only drama for Cleo upon her return to the village, with her boyfriend Abe Fielding (Tyler Conti) having followed her there, as he shows signs of an obsession with her.

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Mulkerrin, who first joined the soap as Cleo in 2015, spoke with Inside Soap about the upcoming developments for her character, hinting that darkness could lie ahead following the arrival of Abe.

"Cleo was living in London and seeing a guy called Abe," she began. "After a few weeks they were on a night out and he laid into a bloke who'd just asked Cleo the time. This aggressive streak was a red flag for Cleo, who went to visit the family in Alicante, and didn't give Abe a second thought.

"Abe has stalked Cleo on her socials and learnt she came back to the UK and was in a crash - then lo and behold, he's in the village!"

When asked whether Abe could be bad news, the actress said, "He's very intense, and the fact he shows up like this is a bit weird.

"It looks as though Cleo is going to be unlucky in love again with him, as he's quite manipulative and coercive, and the kind of person who might isolate her from her family..."

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Mulkerrin, who exited the soap in May 2022 before the birth of her second child, has previously spoken about her return to the show, revealing that she felt "re-energised" in her latest stint.

"I am so happy to be back in the world of Hollyoaks being Cleo," she said. "I feel re-energised and super excited for all the amazing storylines coming my way.

"It's an explosive entrance back, causing a storm for Leela and Joel. Also bringing in with me some new interesting characters. I have missed it, I'm home!"

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