Hollyoaks' Sienna to discover Martha's identity after drugging plot

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks has confirmed a dramatic start for Martha Blake's time in the village.

Martha will take centre stage in a drugging mystery as she targets her granddaughter Sienna.

Show bosses have cast former Coronation Street and Benidorm star Sherrie Hewson in the role of Martha, who'll arrive in the village with a secret later this week.

Martha initially turns up at the law firm for a meeting with James Nightingale. When she crosses paths with Sienna by chance, it's clear that they have a connection.

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Oblivious to this, Sienna focuses on seeking revenge against James after discovering that he stole money from her.

Sienna is livid when she learns that her ex-fiancé Rafe Harcourt left her money in his will, which has mysteriously gone missing thanks to James. She chains herself to Dee Valley Law, demanding to be paid what she's owed.

The next day, Sienna is confused about waking up on the Love Boat with Freddie Roscoe. She doesn't feel right and finds blood on her arm, so she heads to the hospital to get checked out.

Peri Lomax helps Sienna to seek answers, and she finds traces of a sedative in her blood. Sienna immediately accuses James of drugging her as part of their feud over the money.

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Martha witnesses the row and introduces herself to Sienna, although she conceals her true identity. The village newcomer immediately raises suspicion by appearing overly interested in the Blake family.

Before long, Sienna figures out that Martha drugged her and that she's a long-lost member of the Blake clan.

Sienna confides in Dilly about the unsettling events. In the end, Sienna, Dilly and Liberty get a chance to confront Martha and demand answers.

Later, Martha does a disappearing act and leaves only a note behind. This upsets Dilly, who's desperate for a connection to her family.

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Hollyoaks bosses recently announced that Martha's arrival will pave the way for actor Jeremy Sheffield to return to the show – this time as Patrick Blake's long-lost twin brother Jeremy.

Martha is Jeremy's mother, and fans can expect huge new secrets to be revealed as their new storyline plays out.

Hollyoaks' executive producer Hannah Cheers recently commented: "To be a Blake, you must be clever, captivating and charming on the outside… and calculating, cold and cynical on the inside.

"With a family dynasty so rich in history, it should come as no surprise that there are still many secrets to be uncovered.

"But for Sienna, Dilly, Liberty and Maxine, what happens next is not what anyone could have expected…."

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