Hollyoaks’ Ro makes big admission about Declan’s disappearance

Hollyoaks spoilers follow for the latest episode on streaming, that airs on E4 tomorrow.

Hollyoaks' Beau Ramsey is finding that the walls are closing in during the continuing Declan Hawthorne storyline, as Ro Hutchinson made a shocking admission.

Beau was responsible for killing Declan after he kidnapped his daughter Kitty, who had previously ran away from her father after he refused to accept she was trans.

Together with Kitty, Beau has been trying to keep the truth under wraps... although it's taking its toll.

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In tonight's (July 3) episode available on the Channel 4 app (one of the best streaming services in our ranking), the police wanted to speak to Ro and Lucas Hay about Carter Shepherd, the former school headmaster and conversion therapy practitioner. At Tony's suggestion, Beau acted as chaperone.

As it turns out, they actually wanted to talk to Ro about Declan to see if the youngster had any information on his whereabouts. After telling the kids told the DS Peel that Declan had been seen at the school (as he was Carter's mentor) an obviously panicked Beau called time on the interview.

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He soon found out that the police believe that Declan is "missing, following an altercation" and suggested he may not be coming back.

"It's Freddie, he stood up for me, he threatened to kill Declan... What if he did?" Ro said, before Beau asked him to keep that between them. Since the older Roscoe brother knows the truth, Beau was even more worried than before.

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He admitted to Kitty that he wasn't sure he could cope anymore as DS Peel turned up again and told the pair that they had found blood at the cottage. That blood belonged to Declan and his 'son', with the police not realising his child had transitioned and then used the name Kitty after a friend who was killed in a car crash.

Will the police track down Kitty from the blood sample and learn the truth about what she and Beau have done?

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