Hollyoaks' Ro clashes with Carter in tense scenes

hollyoaks ro and tony
Hollyoaks' Ro clashes with Carter in tense scenesLime Pictures

Hollyoaks spoilers follow for the latest episode on Channel 4 streaming, which airs on E4 tomorrow.

Hollyoaks' Ro Lomax has clashed with Carter Shepherd in the latest episode, as the school headteacher refused to acknowledged the youngster being transgender.

Ro recently came out as a trans boy, and parents Tony and Diane Hutchinson have been struggling to accept it and reckon it's just a phase. Carter recently gave Diane some religious leaflets, but seeing how upset it made the child, decided to show Ro his support.

Tonight's (April 3) episode saw Tony throw the leaflets out, much to Ro's delight. However, in school, Carter didn't want to call Ro by his new name.

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"I know who I am. Nothing's going to change my mind about that," Ro said in response to Carter's claim that the youngster didn't know who he was.

Back in the village, Tony and Diane spoke to Kitty Draper about the situation, and she told them it's important that Ro sees that his parents are on the same page.

Later on, Carter spoke to Ro again but refused to call his new name. Frustrated, Ro threw his bag at the headteacher.

hollyoaks ro and tony
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Carter called Tony and Diane and told them that if they didn't want their child to be excluded from the school, it would do them well to enrol Ro in the student behavioural unit (where he no doubt intends to practice the same conversion therapy he's using on Lucas Hay and tried on John Paul McQueen).

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