Hollyoaks to revisit transgender storyline as Diane lies to Ro

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks is set to revisit Ro Lomax’s transgender storyline, as mum Diane Hutchinson lies to him in upcoming scenes.

This year, Ro has been exploring his gender identity, and in March, he decided to come out as transgender, telling parents Tony and Diane that he is a boy.

Both Tony and Diane have struggled to come to terms with Ro’s identity, with Tony initially finding it difficult to accept his child’s decision.

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While Tony ended up being supportive of Ro, Diane felt out of her depth. Unsure on how to handle things, Diane mistakenly sought advice from Carter Shepherd, who was practising conversion therapy on Lucas Hay at the time.

Things were made difficult for Ro in school by Carter, who didn’t want to call him by his new name, and he encouraged Tony and Diane to enrol Ro in the student behavioural unit.

But following Carter’s arrest, Diane eventually realised that she had handled things completely wrong, and in an emotional scene, she called Ro her son.

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In scenes that will air next week, Diane decides to try to learn more about Ro’s transitioning.

Ro and Kitty – who has been a pillar of support for him over the last few months – see that Diane has been doing some research online and are encouraged by this.

At the pub, Ro asks Diane to take him to the doctor, and he opens up to his mum about his fears surrounding growing up in his body.

While Diane is supportive about this, the strain begins to show, and Diane starts drinking more heavily.

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When it comes to it, Diane is too upset and decides not to make the appointment for Ro.

Later, Diane lies to Ro and tells him that his appointment has been cancelled.

She admits to Kitty what she has done and shares her fears about Ro’s transition progressing.

After the chat with Kitty, Diane decides to go ahead and make the appointment for Ro. Will this mark a turning point in Diane’s approach to Ro’s transition?

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