Hollyoaks reveals Felix Westwood's blackmail on Sharon

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks has revealed the exact nature of Felix Westwood’s attempted blackmail on Sharon Bailey.

Felix has been struggling to contain his rage in recent weeks, unleashing his anger in a series of illegal boxing fights.

Sharon has constantly been telling him to stop and Felix’s last fight ended in disaster, with Warren ushering him away as he was subjected to some severe punishment.

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Tonight’s (August 28) first-look episode began with Felix sitting unresponsive, with Mercedes eventually waking him as Warren began to search for Sharon.

As Felix awoke, Mercedes was stunned as he refused to quit fighting, before he revealed that Sharon was hardly a saint either.

Felix subsequently went to Sharon’s to scold her for revealing his secret, and threatened Sharon with knowledge of her shady past.

During her time as a medical student, Sharon was involved in a credit-card scam, with Felix taking the blame to ensure she could fulfil her career.

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Felix attempted to blackmail Sharon by pressuring her to stay out of his business, with potential repercussions seeing him inform Zoe of Sharon’s crimes.

Felix then made the same request to Mercedes, with things getting heated as she referenced his son DeMarcus. This flicked a switch in Felix's mind, with the relationship left in tatters as he punched the wall.

After leaving the house, Felix was grabbed by fight promoter Irvine, who demanded his money back after the last bout was ruled a no-contest. With a £5000 bill accrued, Felix agreed to work off his debts by engaging in more fights, which involves travelling the length of the country.

Mercedes was consoled by Goldie, admitting that she loved them and would still stand by him. As she poured her heart out Felix was setting off with his fellow fighters as his dark descent continued...

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