Hollyoaks' Mercedes McQueen gets big baby news after crash

Hollyoaks spoilers follow from Tuesday's episode on Channel 4 streaming, which doesn't air on E4 until Wednesday.

Hollyoaks' Mercedes McQueen has received some shocking baby news after being involved in a car crash during Monday's hour-long stunt episode (January 15).

Ella Richardson was killed during the crash which involved four different vehicles - one of which was driven by an erratic Felix Westwood whose passengers included his fiancée Mercedes and her lover Warren Fox.

At the end of yesterday's episode it was revealed that Ste Hay was responsible for Ella's death after finding her boot in the wheel arch of his car.

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In tonight's episode (January 16), which mostly took place in the hospital, Warren broke the news to Mercedes that Ella was dead.

At the hospital, Myra and a returning Cleo McQueen were told that Mercedes was in a stable condition after having a heart attack.

After Felix walked down the hallway, Leela and the McQueens blamed his manic driving for putting their loved ones in hospital. Things got worse once Felix was told that two lives had been lost during the accident he caused.

After having a scan to check on her baby, Misbah gave Mercedes and the whole McQueen clan some unforeseen news that took all the family by surprise - Mercedes is pregnant with twins.

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"It's good news. Your test came back and miraculously both babies are doing just fine," she told a shocked Mercedes and the McQueens.

"You didn't know?" said Misbah. "You're having twins."

Meanwhile, Warren was told that Joel was in a coma after being injured in the crash and came face-to-face with Felix.

Later, Mercedes confessed to Warren that she was responsible for Ella being drunk, saying: "It was me, I bought Ella the vodka. It's my fault that she was drunk, Warren."

Elsewhere, Cindy was told that Ella was dead while Ste comforted her. Ste contemplated telling the police it was his fault before realising his daughter needed him at the hospital.

Finally, Sienna made a shocking discovery about Dilly when she found a picture of Patrick in Dilly's locket.

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