Hollyoaks' Lucas Hay to be left devastated in Dillon story

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Lucas Hay will be left devastated in his Hollyoaks story with Dillon Ray.

In the last several months, Lucas has been struggling with his feelings for Dillon and acting out at school as a way to cope.

His behaviour has made waves with Hollyoaks High headteacher Carter Shepherd, who viewers know wants to encourage the dangerous practice of conversion therapy for LGBTQ+ students.

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The story will pick up in the aftermath of Ella Richardson's death, as Lucas and his friends play a game of spin the bottle where Dillon shares a kiss with Freya.

Lucas ends up storming out in frustration over seeing Dillon kiss someone else. The teens soon have bigger problems when Carter discovers their underage drinking.

This leads to a huge fight with the kids once Dillon realised that Lucas must have tipped off Carter, with the pair soon landing in detention for their outburst.

Lucas eventually confesses to Dillon that he was bothered by his kiss with Freya. The two agree to talk more later, but Lucas misses the date to comfort his sister Leah over Ella's death.

Freya soon turns up on Dillon's doorstep, and because he thinks Lucas stood him up, he decides to invite Freya in.

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Once Lucas finds out about Dillon spending more time with Freya, he is heartbroken to hear Dillon genuinely does have some feelings for her.

This revelation sends Lucas down a bad path where he gets drunk and skips school. A concerned John Paul McQueen agrees to help Carter search for Lucas, leading to a shocking scene where Carter uses Dillon's phone to contact Lucas.

When Ste asks James to handle the situation with Lucas, the lawyer is told by Carter that he wants Lucas to take part in a new 'initiative' for troubled kids at school.

Lucas is eventually found, allowing Carter to send James away and begin his first of these secret 'conversion' sessions with Lucas.

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The headteacher later arranges a meeting with Ste and James to discuss Lucas's progress, while John Paul runs into the teen.

Lucas asks John Paul to intervene to convince Carter not to throw him out of Hollyoaks High. However, Carter will ultimately give Lucas an ominous offer…

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