Hollyoaks’ Kitty and Beau are caught by Freddie in shock scenes

Hollyoaks spoilers follow from Tuesday's episode on Channel 4 streaming, which doesn't air on E4 until Wednesday.

Hollyoaks aired a dramatic twist for Kitty Draper and Beau Ramsey as Freddie Roscoe caught wind of their actions.

Recent scenes have seen Kitty and Beau working together to cover up the death of Declan Hawthorne, Kitty’s deranged father who kidnapped her as part of the conversion therapy storyline.

Ever since Declan’s accidental death, which was caused by Beau, the pair have been torn by their own guilt as well as Declan’s depraved actions, with Kitty considering the option of handing herself into the police.

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After eventually agreeing to keep quiet, the pair had a decision to make as John Paul made a note of the cottage, with Tuesday’s (June 11) first-look episode beginning as Kitty and Beau decided they had to move the body.

As the duo prepared to head to the scene, Beau began to panic as he mulled over his decision, pondering if it would be better to hand themselves into the police. Kitty, however, convinced him to go through with their original plan.

They eventually reached the cottage but were initially repulsed by the smell, with Kitty’s prior fortitude wavering as she began to wonder if she was making the correct choice. As they began to shift the body, the nightmare began as Beau noted that a police car was approaching.

As they rushed to complete their plan, Kitty revealed that she had an idea as to where to stash the body, though Beau was horrified as he learned that it would involve turning up the grave of the late Hunter McQueen, whose funeral was taking place simultaneously.

beau ramsey and kitty draper in hollyoaks
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After committing the deed, Kitty and Beau both struggled to come to terms with their choice, with the former remarking that she might never be able to move past what Declan did to her. Beau, however, assured her, saying that it was now “over.”

They got a nasty surprise, however, as an inquisitive Freddie overheard them before asking what they had been up to. With Freddie known to not let things go, how will Kitty and Beau proceed from here?...

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