Hollyoaks’ Jeremy Blake to spark suspicion after Sienna finds weapon

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks’ Jeremy Blake will spark suspicion from the village in upcoming scenes, when Sienna finds a weapon.

This week, actor Jeremy Sheffield will make his return to the show as Jeremy, the twin brother of major villain Patrick Blake, who was killed back in 2016.

Dilly meets up with Patrick’s mother Martha in order to find out more about her son, but Jeremy turns up and Dilly is terrified that he is back from the dead.

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Peri informs Sienna that Dilly has experienced hallucinations again and is in hospital, but she and Maxine soon find out that what Dilly saw was real.

In scenes that will air next week, Sienna and Maxine recoil in horror as they’re faced with the body double of their late tormentor, Patrick, in the hospital.

However, Jeremy soon clears things up and introduces himself, explaining that he is Patrick’s twin brother.

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Sienna is suspicious and urges Dilly not to have contact with him, but Dilly and Jeremy later bond, and she offers him a place to stay – at Sienna’s flat.

Sienna is shocked to find out that she has a new house guest, and other residents in the village aren’t too pleased either.

Darren thinks he’s seen a ghost and advises Sienna to protect her family, while Maxine also wants Jeremy gone.

At the flat, Sienna stands her ground, and the situation soon gets even worse when she finds a weapon in Jeremy’s bag.

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However, he admits that the ‘weapon’ is just one of his gardening tools, and he explains that he couldn’t be more different to his late twin Patrick.

Will this mark a fresh start for Jeremy in the village?

Emma Johnsey-Smith, who plays Dilly, recently spoke to Inside Soap about Jeremy’s character, and said: "He’s the complete opposite [of Patrick], Jeremy is a really cool dude, well-travelled, very laidback and open with his feelings.

"However, he’s not particularly well received in the village as many people can’t see past the fact he’s not Patrick. But Dilly is Team Jeremy and thinks he can do no wrong."

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