Hollyoaks: Frankie faces trouble with the police

Episode 6341

Channel 4 streaming release date: Thursday 28 March 2024 at 19:30

E4 airdate: Friday 29 March 2024 at 19:00

Nancy and Darren try to make it up to Frankie, and along with Suzanne and JJ, remind her they're a family. When Darren invites his daughter for food with him and JJ, she declines.

When Leah makes a joke about Lucas fancying Frankie, JJ tells Darren he doesn't want food at The Dog and goes to find his sister.

After bumping into Ethan, Suzanne ends up in the Loft. Frankie discovers Ethan and her mum together. Suzanne tries to get her daughter to dance, not realising she has triggered her daughter's trauma. Frankie lashes out on her mum, throwing her to the ground. Onlooker Zoe tells Frankie she's taking her to the station.

Meanwhile, Cleo and Prince help Mercedes sort out the garage. Feeling sorry for Mercedes, Prince comes up with an idea to help her. Cleo is shocked to find the house a state but Abe quickly comes up with an excuse.

Prince and Theresa put on a McQueen car wash at the garage to help raise money for Mercedes' babies.

Elsewhere, Ste can be discharged from hospital but pleads with Sharon to let him stay a bit longer so he can see his children, worried about what Warren can do to him in prison. Unable to let him stay much longer, Sharon encourages Ste to look presentable and show his children the man he is by taking the punishment.

Writer: James Coleman

Director: David Crowley

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