Hollyoaks airs new Peri Lomax shock in Rayne story

Hollyoaks spoilers follow from Monday's episode on Channel 4 streaming, which doesn't air on E4 until Tuesday.

Hollyoaks continued its most prominent current saga, as the aftermath of Rayne Royce's murder rolls on.

Since Rayne was killed, it has been unclear who was responsible. This has led to a game of whodunnit as the residents of Hollyoaks village try to cover their tracks and pin the blame on one another in the amid incriminating evidence.

Recently, Peri Lomax was accused of murdering Rayne and somebody subsequently broke into her flat. Tonight's (Monday 30) episode continued the drama as a manipulated clip showed Peri "confessing" to the murder.

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Early on, Peri and Romeo discussed the video that was released of Peri and Rayne when they were younger, which showed Peri bullying Rayne. Later, at the flat, the group opened a package that was supposedly ordered by Rayne before she died.

The package was full of Halloween costumes and Peri and Romeo encouraged the others to agree to throw a Halloween party in celebration of Rayne. The group threw the party but Peri donned the costume intended for Rayne.

Truth Boy then uploaded new content in which he revealed that he would reveal Rayne’s killer in six hours' time. Lizzie and Prince began to turn on Peri, saying that the evidence is stacked against her. Peri stormed out.

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Phoenix chased after Peri to try to comfort her, rationalising that Truth Boy couldn’t know any more than they do.

Later, Peri returned to the Halloween party and said she wanted to face Truth Boy’s revelation as a group. The new content then dropped and Truth Boy released a selected clip from the video that Peri previously recorded to defend herself.

The clip, taken out of context, featured Peri saying “I’m the one who killed Rayne.” Romeo, Lizzie, and Prince stared at Peri in astonishment.

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