Hollyoaks airs dramatic Carter arrest aftermath

Hollyoaks spoilers follow from Thursday's episode on Channel 4 streaming, which doesn't air on E4 until Friday.

Hollyoaks aired a dramatic aftermath to Carter Shepherd’s arrest, with John Paul McQueen having to come clean.

The headmaster’s world came crashing down as his actions finally caught up with him, with months of indoctrination in his conversion clinic resulting in a hateful speech during Pride Festival.

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In tonight’s (May 2) first-look episode, the village was still in shock following the events of the previous day, with Nancy Osborne shocked to find pamphlets of Carter’s conversion clinic scattered in a locker at school.

John Paul illuminated her on the situation, revealing that he had previously shared a kiss with the headmaster. Nancy, owing to her job as a safeguarding officer, elected to shut the school for the day in order to sort the situation.

After moving to the pub, Nancy and John Paul received a stern message from Kitty, who had previously stood up to Carter at the festival. John Paul later told the group that he had been in a relationship with Carter, with James, Kitty and Maxine all demanding answers.

Maxine, who had also previously been in a relationship with Carter, chastised John Paul for concealing the truth, though Hannah came to his defence as she revealed that he had saved her from Carter's clutches.

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Tony and Diane had also overheard snippets of the conversation, with the couple arguing about what was best for their son, Ro. Tony lamented Diane’s previous support of Carter, with Ro storming out as his parents argued.

Ro and Diane had a heartfelt conversation, with Ro saying that Diane’s words had hurt him and made him feel neglected. Finally seeing the error of her ways, Diane greeted Ro as her son, with the pair now hopefully being able to take a step forward.

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