Hollyoaks airs big scene in Rose's gender identity storyline

Hollyoaks spoilers follow for the latest episode on Channel 4 streaming, which will air on E4 tomorrow.

Hollyoaks has aired a big scene in Rose Lomax's gender identity storyline tonight (March 5), following scenes in which he told Kitty Draper he was questioning things after having a discussing about Kitty's transition.

In tonight's episode, Rose turned up to school in tears, afraid that Tony and Diane Hutchinson had spent the night away from home because of their conversation (in reality, they had spent the night in a cell). Kitty insisted that she hadn't and wouldn't say anything.

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Rose stood outside the toilets, looking longingly at the boys' door, when sister Dee Dee turned up and accused Rose of being a pervert. Rose said it wasn't that, and stated: "There's something important that I need you to do".

After some convincing, Rose got Dee Dee to cut his hair short. Although he didn't explicitly tell Dee Dee why it was so important, he said long hair "wasn't really me".

At home, Rose tried to hide his short hair from Tony and Diane as they were arguing, but when Diane asked what was wrong, he showed them what he had done.

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At first, the couple believed that someone at school had cut Rose's hair to bully him, but he soon explained the truth, stating ""I did it, because I'm a boy."

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