Aussie couple returns to find hotel abandoned during island holiday

An Aussie couple who planned a relaxing island holiday were shocked when they discovered their hotel was completely deserted hours after they checked in.

Posting on Facebook on Thursday, Batemans Bay woman Erica Shaw said just six hours after checking in they discovered the $35 a night hotel had been abandoned by the owner and other guests as it had closed for renovations.

Sharing a video of the room in Nusa Lembongan, Ms Shaw said it also looked like somebody had already been staying in it.

The Australian couple said it looked like somebody had already been staying in their room. Source: Facebook

“Our room ... which kind of looks like somebody has already slept in it and not even sure if they’ve left because there’s a packet from their soap and towels still hanging up there,” she said.

“It is now probably about six hours from when we’ve checked in and we’re in the room, we haven’t seen the owner, the place is shut ... but we’ve been informed the place is closed for renovations.

“This could only happen to us.”

The couple checked into the accommodation after her partner Garry asked a local where to stay when they arrived in Lembongan.

Erica Shaw and her partner Garry were shocked to discover their Bali hotel had been deserted. Source: Facebook

“He showed us this room and we hired a motorbike from him, we spent the day at the beach,” Ms Shaw posted on Facebook.

After discovering the office and restaurant were closed, Ms Shaw said they were confused as to what they should do.

“Garry seems to think if he cleans the pool then they won’t mind us staying,” she joked.

In the end the couple managed to speak to the owner who was in Denpasar, Bali, and his granddaughter was made aware the couple were in the hotel.

They arranged accommodation elsewhere for the rest of their trip.

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