Holiday warning for pet owners after cat swallows 1.6 metres of tinsel

A hungry cat got more than it bargained for after chowing down on some sparkly Christmas tree decorations.

Now vets have issued a warning after removing 1.6 metres of tinsel from the peckish feline.

After realising what had happened, the cat’s owners rushed her to the Animal Emergency Service (AES) veterinary clinic in Underwood, 20 kilometres south east of Brisbane.

Vets used special equipment to remove the long strip of silver tinsel through the feline’s mouth.

Vets removed 1.6 metres of tinsel from this cheeky cat
Vets removed 1.6 metres of tinsel from this cheeky cat. Source: Facebook/Animal Emergency Service (left)/Getty (right)

The AES posted a video of the procedure to Facebook on Wednesday, as a holiday warning for pet owners.

“Cats love shiny objects, especially tinsel!” the AES wrote.

“Unfortunately, this little kitty decided to bite off more than she could chew.

“Fortunately her quick-thinking owners rushed her to AES where we were able to safely remove all 1.6 metres of tinsel from her stomach.”

The video has been viewed over 2500 times since it was posted.

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