Holiday nightmare after Airbnb host terrifies guests with bizarre behaviour

A couple looking for a quiet weekend away have instead experienced the holiday from hell, after a series of bizarre and terrifying events involving their Airbnb host.

Jaleesa Jackson, 29, and Chiedozie Uwandu, 28, booked a getaway in Los Angeles to escape their busy lives as medical residents in Boston.

The couple booked an Airbnb with a ‘super host’ named JJ. The ranking is only given to Airbnb hosts who meet a certain level of customer service.

However, the couple woke up terrified on their first night when they heard loud banging on their door.

“I know you’re in there, Kevin!” Ms Jackson heard a male voice yelling, The Boston Globe reported.

She opened the door and saw an agitated man, so she slammed it closed and immediately called her Airbnb host JJ.

Jaleesa Jackson (left) and Chiedozie Uwandu (right). Source: Facebook/Jaleesa Jackson

But in a chilling twist, she heard a phone ring on the other side of the door – the man on her doorstep was her host.

“Yeah, that was me,” JJ told Ms Jackson of the loud banging.

“Sorry about the confusion. Life’s too short for me to give you an explanation. Have a nice time in LA.”

In spite of this strange incident, the couple stayed another night – a decision they would soon come to regret.

The next morning at about 2am, the sleeping couple were terrified when a man came hurtling through their bedroom window, scattering shards of glass.

The couple realised that the home intruder was their host JJ and soon called police who took him away.

Airbnb offered to refund the $1000 cost of the accommodation, however the couple instead requested $7000 in compensation.

The company then offered $3500 and five therapy sessions, which the couple refused.

It comes after a couple on holiday in Canada found a spy camera hidden in a clock pointed at the bed in their Airbnb rental property.