Holiday dads mocked over 'worst fight ever' at hotel pool

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Two men got into a very cringeworthy fight by a pool, with the two slipping over and throwing punches while a crowd watched on.

It's possibly the last thing you would expect to see while sitting by the pool, but it's a sight you cannot un-see.

It's not known what exactly caused the two men to start fighting, but in a video shared on social media, you're able to see the last few moments of the altercation.

"I'm at the pool tryna [sic] relax and the white boys start puttin' hands on each other," said @JSantanaBack on Twitter.

Two men were seen brawling by a pool. Source: @JSantanaBack
Two men were seen brawling by a pool. Source: @JSantanaBack

At the start of the video, the man in the green shorts pushes the other man, who is wearing grey shorts, who almost falls into the pool but manages to cling to the rail for the pool's steps.

"Come on, bro, bring it on," one of the two men then says.

The man in the green shorts then throws another punch and misses, but lands one when the man in the grey shorts comes closer.

The man in the grey shorts claims the other man "came after" him and then the other man throws his arms up and backs off.

However, in another clip from the same video, the two are fighting once again.

The man in the grey shorts runs and throws a punch on the fly and then spectacularly falls over and the man in the green shorts starts hitting him.

"He's serving him, he's serving him," someone off-camera is heard saying.

By wrapping his arms around the legs of the man in green shorts, the man in the grey shorts brings him to the ground.

Pictured is the two men fighting near a pool in Texas.
Eventually the brawl was broken up by a bystander. Source: @JSantanaBack

The two hit each other and eventually find their feet, only to fall to the ground, again.

Another man then ran over and broke up the fight.

The fight reportedly took place in Houston, Texas, at a resort.

"That’s gotta be the worst fight I’ve ever seen," someone said of the fight on social media, according to the New York Post.

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