The Most Outlandish Rich-People Problems In The Second Season Of "And Just Like That..."

For those of us still chugging along on Carrie Bradshaw's journey, it's been a wild ride, has it not? The second season of And Just Like That..., streaming on Max, has come to a close, leaving viewers to say farewell to that beloved Upper East Side apartment (for now), goodbye to Aiden (again), and hello to Shoe, Carrie's new rescue kitten.

Miranda, Carrie, and Charlotte in the first season of "And Just Like That"

After a rough go last season, this latest installment of the Sex And The City saga feels a little more like the olden days, albeit still mostly Samantha-less. The characters continue to navigate life, love, family, friends, and designer handbags with *rich people problems* galore.

The cast of "And Just Like That"

In the original series, it's estimated that Carrie spent $40,000 on shoes during her time in NYC, despite having a savings account balance of zero. Since the start of the reboot, Carrie clearly has a bit more leeway with her AmEx due to the lofty inheritance from her late husband, Mr. Big.

Carrie Bradshaw in the original "Sex And The City" series

In AJLT's second season, these Manhattanites still have money. Let's dive into the most bonkers plotlines surrounding finances this time around...

1.Since Aiden won't step foot in Carrie's apartment, they rent out Che's home to have a place to spend time together.

Aiden and Carrie

Once they get kicked out of Che's place for violating building policy, Carrie decides she is ready to say goodbye to her apartment for good. It's a bittersweet moment for SATC fans, but she rents it out to her neighbor, Lisette, at a discounted rate, declaring it can only go to a single girl.

Carrie dancing in her apartment in "Sex And The City"

2.When Seema is mugged, she must mourn the loss of her Birkin bag...for a time.

Seema in "And Just Like That"

3.Charlotte encourages Lily to save up for a keyboard that she wants but then gets upset when Lily sells a Chanel dress to fund the purchase.

Charlotte and Lily in "And Just Like That"

4.After causing a bicycle accident, Carrie sticks around long enough to ensure she's not liable for the guy's medical bills but actively avoids helping out when his credit card declines at urgent care.

George and Carrie in "And Just Like That"

5.Both Carrie and Che lose their jobs this season, but it impacts them differently due to financial status.

Che and Carrie in "And Just Like That"

6.Miranda's financial priorities stray further from her friends' lavish lifestyles.

Miranda and Carrie in "And Just Like That"

7.Carrie has curbed her smoking habit and is open to purchasing designer fashion second-hand.

Carrie and her new kitten, Shoe, in "And Just Like That"

8.Carrie feels pressured to give Enid $100,000 to help launch her online magazine, Vivante, so she does.

Carrie and Aiden in "And Just Like That

HBO recently announced the renewal of AJLT for a third season, which means the journey isn't over yet. What did you think of Season 2? Share your opinions in the comments below!