Hitman's sister spared jail for aiding him

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The sister of the hitman who slayed a teenager as he slept inside his Sydney home has been given a community penalty for helping him after his arrest.

Kimberley Craig received $20,000 on her brother's behalf, which was to be half of a payment for him to lie to protect the organisers of Brayden Dillon's murder.

Conrad Craig is serving at least 30 years in jail for murdering the 15-year-old, who was shot at close range in his bed on Good Friday in 2017 at his Glenfield family home.

The Brothers 4 Life criminal group member was arrested in July 2017.

His 39-year-old sister pleaded guilty to recklessly dealing with the proceeds of crime, giving false evidence and taking part in the supply of 5.79g of methamphetamine destined for her brother in jail.

In the NSW District Court on Tuesday, Judge David Wilson sentenced her to an 18-month intensive corrections order.

He took into account her having served seven months and one week in jail on remand after arrest and her subsequent onerous bail conditions.

The judge found her offending had been based on "misplaced loyalty and a sense of obligation" to her younger brother.

Describing her as an honest witness, he cited her evidence of being "disgusted with myself" for helping her brother as she feared if she didn't support him he would self-harm or suicide.

"My brother's very angry and has a lot of mental issues, and it's like he makes me feel guilty if I don't do something," she said.

After his arrest and remand in custody, arrangements were made for him to swear a false affidavit to exculpate the organiser and others involved in the crime.

Kimberley Craig had facilitated calls between the parties and received $20,000 on behalf of her brother in 2018 for him to give the false affidavit.

The judge found while she was aware he had some involvement in an affidavit, she did not know the details.

He directed her how to spend and distribute the money, which he said was half of the expected payment.

Craig's false evidence charge related to her lying to the NSW Crime Commission in saying she hadn't told anyone about being required to give the testimony.

She 's the oldest of six children, had a difficult childhood, was later the victim of domestic violence, and had had substance and mental health issues.

She was of previous good character and had cut off ties with her brother since her arrest.

In imposing the community order, the judge said Craig posed no risk to the safety of the community and the risk of her re-offending was minimal or non-existent.

Abdul Abu-Mahmoud was found guilty in September 2020 of murder by ordering and financing the killing and of soliciting others to murder Brayden and his older brother Joshua Dillon in a bid for revenge.

His nephew Adam Abu-Mahmoud was stabbed to death in a Panania street brawl in July 2016.

Joshua Dillon, was charged over Adam Abu-Mahmoud's death, but was ultimately found not guilty by a jury.

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