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Historic ram sales held in the Borders

The sales date back more than 180 years

One of the oldest and largest sheep sales in Europe has been taking place in the Borders.

More than 4,000 rams were going under the hammer at the event in Springwood Park in Kelso.

Since 1838, Kelso Ram Sales have been attracting buyers and sellers from all over the south of Scotland and north of England.

Willie Sandilands, 84, of Ancrum, was given the honour of ringing the bell to start the auctions.

Willie Sandielands
Willie Sandielands said it was an honour to officially start the sales

"I've been involved with buying and selling rams ever since I left the school, and I would take days off to come to the sale for a few years before I left the school," he said.

"Kelso Ram Sales are the pinnacle of sheep farming sales - people come from a long way away to be here.

"It's an honour to be asked to ring the bell."

Ram sales
More than 4,000 rams went under the hammer at the event in Kelso

Dan Withall, executive director of sale hosts the Border Union Society, said the gathering of the sheep industry was a "tremendous sight to see".

"The whole event is fantastic, and we're delighted with the support we get from across the agriculture sector," he added.