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Hilarious X-rated detail in Aldi's 'self care' item

Aussie Aldi lovers were shocked to see the X-rated detail in this shopping deal.

Aussies love a good Aldi bargain find, but one particular product has caused a stir thanks to its interesting design. The new vibrating Sculpting Facial Roller, which goes on sale for $19.99 today, promises to “help relieve tension”.

“Kick your feet up and get self-care mode on. The sonic vibrations of the Sculpting Facial Roller will help relieve tension as well as sculpt the face and body,” the Aldi Facebook post said.

“The set is complete with a contour roller and T-bar under eye massager for ultimate relaxation. On sale this Saturday 25 February.”

A composite image of two ads showcasing the Aldi facial vibrator.
The vibrating facial sculpting device is part of Aldi's Special Buys promotion but it's design has shoppers in fits of laughter. Source: Aldi

But it was the shape of the facial roller that had Aldi shoppers in stitches, as it looks suspiciously like a part of the male anatomy.

“Should have had this in the Valentine’s Day specials,” one cheeky commenter said.

“Sleek design inspired by what? I’m sure the engineer knew,” another joked.

“Is it waterproof? Asking for a friend,” one user said.

Another Facebook user seemed to have some concerns about ensuring warning labels would be put on the product.

“I really hope Aldi had the foresight to have the warning label “For external use only” in big bold letters added to the packaging… because we all know that people don’t read instructions…especially when they are excited to start using their product,” they said.

“Coming soon to an Emergency department near you,” another said.

Many commenters also poked fun at Aldi’s iconic ‘good, different’ tagline and satisfaction guarantee.

“Aldi policy (satisfaction guarantee): ‘At ALDI it’s okay to change your mind. Your satisfaction is important to us'. I’ll say,” one customer said.

“What is Aldi’s slogan…The customer comes first. You are our everything,” another joked.

The facial roller is part of Aldi’s Special Buys range and comes with a contour roller to target larger areas like the jawline, cheeks and along the side of the neck, T-bar to target the delicate under eye areas and 1 x AA battery.

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